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ChevignonMade in ITP plume et duvet


Chevignon, Iconic French Brand, trusts us for they legendary down jacket TOGS Unlimited.

100% Ecofriendly, 100% French Made 

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Renovation 05 02 2020


New investment for staff safety: installation of outdoor lighting on car parks, access and buildings.


Interplume selected Fonroche for the installation of self-powered solar lampposts.

These lamps, equipped with "smart" technology, are totally independent of the public electricity grid, and guarantee powerful lighting 365 nights / year.

This investment is part of the eco-responsible management policy that characterizes our business, improving the safety of staff, carriers and visitors with an impact to the environment next to zero.



Interplume secures its industrial site with solar lighting signed Fonrochejpg_Page1

Interplume, Eco-responsible commitment every day, and every night!

Interplume, as part of its Down & Feather processing activity, continues to invest to preserve and limit its impact to the environment.

A new sustainable investment:

After the adoption of a solar solution for outdoor lighting, Interplume has followed up by investing in the replacement of indoor lighting with a LED solution.

As part of its drive for continuous improvement, to sustain its commitment to preserving the environment, Interplume has replaced 200 fluorescent ferromagnetic-type lighting fixtures with LED strips over its entire processing area.

The old standard lamps, with a power of 130 W each, have given way to this new energy-saving lighting solution of 55 W/unit, reducing the energy consumption by 15 kWh!

Energy saving is calculated at 55 200 KWh/year, the yearly requirement for 30 individual houses with a surface of 100 m²!

Now our premises are better lit, for better working conditions of our employees, while reducing by 58% energy needs.

This project has been carried out in partnership with


Sebelec85 ITP 09 2019

Interplume has injected new life into the legendary L.H.Lorch brand, which the Company owns, by implementing innovative hardware improving our environmental impact, targeting upcyclable material and aiming for zero-waste!

This is developped in partnership with

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