Our products

Our feathers and down are natural, sustainable and renewable products.

they are guaranteed:


  • Sanitised
  • Thermo-regulating
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Retaining superior qualities of loft, softness and smoothness
  • Eco-friendly

We offer a complete range of products, from feathers for upholstery & cushions, to the most sought-after down fillings for the bedding, apparel and technical clothing sectors, including sport/outdoor clothing & accessories for extreme cold.

The absolute quality of our EN 100 down filling has earned it the approval of many leading luxury brands in France and internationally, as well as being selected for the manufacture of technical clothing destined to the French Base in Antarctica.

All our products are guaranteed compliant with EN 12934 and EN 12935 standards, as a minimum.

We also offer compliancy with JIS 1903 and USA-2000 standards, upon request.


Feather and small, fine feather

Horny, epidermal outgrowths that form the external covering of the body of birds. On waterfowl, they have a shorter and softer vane than on the wings or tail quills, and, unlike down clusters, they have a well developed stem.

Their main use is as filling for cushions, pillows and bolsters.

A comprehensive range is proposed, depending on the finished product of destination.


Down clusters

Plumage forming the first, insulating layer on waterfowl, consisting of light and fluffy filaments that grow from a barely formed nucleus, which has neither stem nor vane.

Down filling is mainly used for

  • Bedding articles, in the manufacture of high quality quilts/comforters
  • Apparel, for down jackets/sport outerwear
  • Technical clothing, for top-end extreme cold outerwear and sleeping bags

Down is the most efficient insulating material in absolute terms.

A down cluster resembles to a three-dimensional snowflake. It is light, fluffy, warm and breathable. Each gram of high-quality down contains several thousand clusters and filaments that intertwine and overlap to form a protective layer trapping air and preventing heat from escaping giving it an insulating power twice greater than the other types of filling material.