Made in France

 We have set up a method to test the French origin of our products - the Isotope Analysis -Dna picto in partnership with  Eurofins laboratories.

Geographical origin of feathers and downs, characterized by multi-element analysis of stable isotopes

Natural products are composed of 5 main elements C, H, O, N and S.

The isotopes present in these elements are influenced by the environment in which they develop, and it has been possible to confirm that a feather or a cluster of down comes from a specific region by creating a database by the analysis of these 5 elements on a sample of these products, which we provided, from the main breeding areas on the planet.

The goal is to authenticate the French origin of products at the end of our process, and we have contributed to the creation of an isotopic "pedigree" peculiar to the feathers and downs of the French territory.

During tests in the Eurofins laboratories, the technicians check that the isotope proportions of the isotopes present comply with this origin in order to authenticate the origin of these products from France.isotopes 2

Vice-versa, if the isotopes have discrepancies in relation to the France database, the origin is no longer confirmed.

The goal is to protect our reputation and that of our products, as well as our customers and the consumer, since similar products may be offered, but which do not offer the same assurances of quality, hygiene or performance. technical. This is the same approach of major French brands in their fight against counterfeiting.