Values and Commitments

An Eco-Friendly Approach


Our industrial activity, a recycling model, generates a number of by-products during the process.

Our team has therefore set up an Environmental Management System (EMS), and has embarked on a process of continuous improvement for the prevention of environmental pollution, in accordance with our sustainable development policy.

This approach ensures the enhancement of our environmental performance on a daily basis and allows us to be ahead of current legal requirements, their future evolutions and other requirements related to products and services, in relation to the following aspects:

  • Water management
  • Control of our atmospheric emissions
  • Soil and subsoil conservation
  • Acoustic nuisance reduction
  • Rational use of our energy consumption
  • Upcycling of by-products generated by our process
  • Improvement Monitoring concerning working conditions for our personnel



Each of the aforementioned objectives is systematically monitored through protocols such as our process' effluents sampling & analysis, and emissions control of our boilers to name but a few.

This commitment, involving all individuals and companies that work directly or indirectly with our company, contributes to the adoption of eco-responsible policies throughout the supply chain, involving all stakeholders.

With this in mind, a few years back we partnered the construction of a Methanisation Plant next to our installations.

Today, this biogas production unit provides us with part of our thermic needs, produced from renewable energy, which enables us to further reduce our carbon imprint.

We also have our own wastewater treatment plant, whose capacity is equivalent to a municipality of 25,000 residents. This biological plant allows us to process all the water used during our process and to recycle our manufacturing requirements.

During the purification treatment, the station also generates organic deposits. Such deposits are upcycled as natural fertilizer for local crops by application over the soil.


Our values, through our commitments and efforts to improve working conditions and preserve the environment in all its diversity, have been recognised by the European Merit Foundation, which awarded us its Diplôme d'Honneur.